Firstly, feel free to skip ahead for games discussion and analysis and information on talks I've delivered.

This is the personal site of Tom Kitchin, when he remembers to update it.

I'm currently based in Sheffield, England where I work as a Software Engineer, and my primary field of interest is games and game design - crossing wildly between videogames, board games, roleplaying games and even megagames.

I'm interested in game design, game analysis and discussion and in public speaking on those topics. If you're looking for someone with public speaking skills and a broad awareness of game design and the gaming industry, please check out my previous talks and definitely contact me.

I can be reached via my email at or on Twitter at @TwoDaemon.


Articles on a selection of gaming-related topics, generally about design elements and such.

Style tends towards a sort of semi-informal topic analysis, although there will probably be a few less focused entries eventually in lieu of having a blog to put them on.


I've done some speaking at events on games and design, since I have a love of both of those things and like the sound of my own voice too much.

These are some events I've been involved in:

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