This is the personal site of Tom Kitchin.

I'm currently based in Worthing in the south of England where I work as a web developer. If you would like to hire me, you can find details of my past work here.

Outside of work, my primary field of interest is games and game design, including videogames, board games, roleplaying games and even megagames.

I'm interested in game design, game analysis and discussion and in public speaking on those topics. If you're looking for someone with public speaking skills and a broad awareness of game design and the gaming industry, please check out my previous talks and definitely contact me.

I can be reached via my email at or on Twitter at @TwoDaemon.

I also made Vennt, a tool for helping out with game night by comparing your Steam games library with your friends and showing you games you all already have. Give it a try!


I'm a freelance web developer based in Worthing and the Brighton area, with five years experience in a variety of web technologies and in both team and individual working roles.

My main skills lie in:

A few examples of previous projects I have worked on:

If you have a query or an offer of work, please don't hesitate to contact me via my work email at


Some thoughts on game design in written form. I prefer speaking, but it's good to write once in a while.


When I have time, I do public talks on topics related to game design.

These are some events I've been involved in:

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